The Sound of Yell

The musical “find of the festival” at the Goodlife Experience this year was (for me at least!) Sound of Yell. All the words and music are written arranged and produced by Glasgow-based Stevie Jones, but on stage Sound of Yell can number anywhere up to twelve musicians! A mere five took to the stage in the Freedom beer tent but created a truly wonderful noise… I’m not sure what you’d call the music of the Sound of Yell, perhaps “Math-Folk”? The melody Sound of Yell creates swirls and soars with a melancholy warmth. It feels unhurried, and at times almost languid but complex undercurrents lurk beneath the surface. It’s a sound that’s continually unfolding to reveal glimpses of new and unexplored horizons, an evolution that is punctuated by razor-sharp breaks changing the pace, volume and direction of the tune creating something that’s quite unsettling, yet beguiling, in its angularity and precision. Something which feels both at odds with, but also weirdly complimentary to the to the more traditional 70’s folk core behind the tunes. Definitely innovative stuff! It invigorates and holds the attention, and is also reminiscent of, and perfect music for the cooler, shorter evenings as summer gives way to autumn…

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