This site is where we share our adventures in Low-Light Action Portraiture (or music photography as it is otherwise known!) and Stage Lighting for small venues and the more “DIY” end of London’s music scene.

We think that there’s more to the music industry than picking up a guitar and finding yourself a big label. Our aim is to share a little of our journey around the fringes of London’s music scene and maybe even introduce you to bands and venues you might not have heard of. The music is our passion, we do this for fun, and we hope that by sharing a little of what it’s like to light and photograph a band we might inspire you to get involved too…

Mr.Fox is a Professional Rock Doctor by day (well geologist anyway…) and music lover and music photographer by night. Going to gigs and exploring London’s weird and wonderful music scene ensures that Mr.Fox leaves the office at a sensible time and has something other than rocks to talk about.

Lampy is shy, but may fill something in on here later… In the meantime, ask her about lights, music or fashion and she might just answer you. Not only does Lampy make sure the bands we see are beautifully lit, but she also has the important job of ensuring Mr.Fox uses important words like “and”, “the” and “it” when he writes about bands and that he also deploys a smattering of punctuation now and again…

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