Desert Mountain Tribe

Jonty Balls
Jonty Balls – vocals and several guitars…

“Wow! What a lot of Pedals!” Was more or less my first thought on arriving at Rough Trade to see Desert Mountain Tribe tooling up the stage for their set. Given there were only three of them on stage they seemed to have enough wiring for a band many times larger… And even brought their own sound man… The band clearly has an enthusiastic following and I guess if you like your pysch-rock extra hazy with the volume turned up to 11 and are prepared to lean in to the noise to sift through the many layers of reverb and various effects for singer Jonty Ball’s vocals then you’ll love Desert Mountain Tribe, the crowd clearly did! 

Philipp Jaun
Phillip Jaun on drums – I waited for the power-bricks lighting the glitter ball to cycle on to a nice, strong, contrasting blue before taking this shot.

Switching to camera-geek mode, I got the dark and moody shots of Felix Jaun on bass guitar by spot metering on his face rather than using centre-weighted or multi-segment metering. These other modes were trying to balance a dark backdrop and clothing and resulting in skin tones getting completely blown out…

Rough Trade East 02/03/2016

More photos here…

Pedals and Guitars
Just a little bit of kit to fit on the stage…

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