Love Buzzard

Kevin Lennon
Kevin Lennon, before the microphone started to try and escape…

For the record I loved Love Buzzard’s set, part of a double bill with Virgin Kids at Rough Trade East, so I mean absolutely no disrespect by the following muppet-related metaphor… Imagine if you will, what you might expect if Mahna Mahna ditched the Snowths, and teamed up with Animal and a pack of hungry wolves for an after hours Art-Punk Garage Rock side project fueled entirely by super-strength larger, several packs of Gauloises and maybe a surreptitious bottle of moonshine bourbon. Got the image? What you might get is a sound that’s a bit like Love Buzzard, but nowhere near as filthy or ferocious… 

Kevin Lennon and Al Brown serve up a BIG sound… When they get going all you can do is hold on tight, lean in to the noise and hope the stray shards of disintegrating drum stick pass you by on their whip-

Al Brown
Daemonic Drumming? You have to love the uplighting of the drum kit!

crack trajectory away from the brutal punishment Al dishes out to that drum kit. In the end, Kevin only managed to chin the mic-stand from the stage in to the crowd twice, although the equipment in question did make several other spirited attempts to escape from the maelstrom of Kevin’s frenetic guitar and vocal delivery. This was a tough set for the Virgin Kids to follow…

This band was great fun and a real challenge to shoot – there’s a hell of a lot of hair and a hell of a lot of movement to play with. The asymmetric positioning of the band on an open stage and judicious use of a couple of power-bricks to uplight the drums gave everybody’s favourite Lampy a lot of lighting options – the warm yellow seems to work really well and is a great antidote to the PINK tinge the power-bricks give off when set to pump out white light (and only seems to be accentuated by the camera sensor).

Rough Trade East 14/03/16

More photos here…


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