Virgin Kids

The garage punk three piece that is Virgin Kids had a rather hard act to follow on Monday night at Rough Trade playing straight after the mighty and fearsome Love Buzzard. But

Virgin Kids
A smile shared between songs…

rise to the challenge they did with a tight set with several tracks notable for containing numerous changes in tempo with thumping, raw choruses which contrasted rather nicely with slightly more mellow and perhaps, dare I say, more nonchalant sounding verses.

This band has been on the road a lot, and it shows. What Love Buzzard served up through shear grit and aggression, Virgin Kids matched with with a confident strut, and a more melodic and subversive undertow to their music (and some splendid, energetic bouncing around from front man Asher Preston during the guitar breaks which really has to be experienced…). Above all their set was fun and rounded off a cracking evening’s music!

Rough Trade East 14/03/2016

More photos here…



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